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Structural Design (ECMM150)




Structural Design (ECMM150)


Detailed Description

Module Code: ECMM150

Module Lecturer(s): Dr Khurram Wadee

A good knowledge of the philosophies and techniques of structural design and analysis are essential elements of the training of civil engineers. In this module you will learn about these philosophies, methodologies and techniques, and their application to the design of steel, reinforced concrete, and pre-stressed concrete structures. In hands-on laboratory sessions, you will learn about factors such as elasticity, cracking, tensile strength, shear and flexure, through observation and analysis. You will complete two design projects, one in steel, one in concrete, and will get the chance to carry out calculations, sketch and exercise critical judgements.

Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to hone your skills in methods of structural analyses, technical report writing and presentation.  In addition, the module emphasises the role of the Codes of Practice (e.g. Eurocodes), the application of engineering judgement, and the execution of appropriate structural analyses in the context of design problems.

Bookings are limited to one person per module. If you require multiple bookings please contact empsmsc@exeter.ac.uk.