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Engineering Materials and the Environment (ECMM160)

Nanomaterials and nanocomposites



CEngineering Materials and the Environment (ECMM160)


Detailed Description

Module Code: ECMM160

Module Lecturer(s): Prof Oana Ghita

This module will cover recycling technologies (methods and issues), discuss reuse, remanufacturing and sustainable manufacture, waste hierarchy, legislation & directives, sustainability, and examples of evolving business models such as the circular economy.

This module is likely to have an impact on your career, helping you understand the Resource Revolution and familiarising you with a new way of thinking. This is important as we enter a time where resources scarcity and clean, carbon neutral, manufacturing technologies will be key business drivers in many engineering sectors.

Some of the latest developments in engineering materials researched at Exeter (e.g. auxetic materials, additive manufacturing materials, natural materials), including their properties, manufacturing processes and applications, will be presented in the context of Resource Efficiency and the Circular Economy. 

Additive Manufacturing will be discussed as an example of greener technology, near net shape process able 1) to design for lightweighting; 2) to approach near zero waste regarding material utilization; 3) to achieve localised manufacturing.

Prerequisite module: ECM3154 , ECM3160 or equivalent.

Bookings are limited to one person per module. If you require multiple bookings please contact empsmsc@exeter.ac.uk.

(Image: Nanomaterials and nanocomposites)