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Clinical Education Development and Research (CEDAR)


Working in partnership with the NHS and the South West Strategic Health Authority, and underpinned by evidence-based research, CEDAR trains tomorrow's healthcare leaders through a suite of training and education options from undergraduate through to doctorate level programmes.

Clinical Education Development and Research (CEDAR)


On Knowing and Not Knowing; Power in Therapy and Working with Men


Two Systemic CPD Events

On Knowing and Not Knowing; Power in counselling/therapy

This workshop will focus on the tensions between 1st and 2nd Order Therapy: the positions of the therapist being a powerful expert who knows the truth, compared with the later versions of systemic theory which posited a more “Not Knowing” approach and where therapy was more collaborative. Many of us will be more familiar or comfortable with the latter, but what happens when in therapy we feel that we “know “? How do we respond when we are sure that we understand what is going on better than family/couple members do? Should we resist this or embrace it and find the language to convey our certainty? With many clinical examples from practice this event will explore these questions and more in relation to the power of the therapist, how we avoid it, and how we might reclaim it.

Working with Men

The premise of this talk is that masculinity is a learned not a natural or hard-wired aspect of people’s behaviours and attitudes, and as such can be changed. For therapists/counsellors the important point is that responding to this in therapy is predicated upon the approach of challenging the socialisation to which we are all subjected, as much as challenging the men themselves. Ideas of how to involve and include men, where women and children fit in, and the social factors which influence all of us in this area. 

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Alumni£30.00[Read More]
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